Qom Carpet Cluster 

Regarding to more than 300 integrated producer units of handmade carpets as well as 500 production support services such as raw material suppliers, carpet tools and accessories suppliers, carpet designers, darners, dyers, polishers, carpet cleaners and exporters and also the employment of more than 25 thousand weavers in Qom, the hand-woven carpets of Qom have been strategically considered as an important cluster to develop.

Qom carpet cluster development project has been launched since October 2012 by financial support of Qom Industrial Parks Company as well as the cooperation of Iran National Carpet Center of and Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Qom province.

The Qom carpets are highly regarded in America, European countries, especially Germany, France, Italy and Russia, Japanese, Persian Gulf countries, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkmenistan markets.

In May 2013, Timcheh group has been formed by the greatest artists of hand-woven carpet in Qom to introduce Qom carpets and the authentic Persian carpets that are the synthesis of Persian culture, art, creativity, civilization and authenticity.

In addition, the other goal of this group is as follows:

  • Using the Internet platform to display and sell Qom carpets;
  • Providing customer services and delivery within the possible shortest time;
  • Providing after-sales services,
  • Offering valid certificate for each product offered in the group; and
  • Approving the originality of the carpets.


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