Dear applicants,

Pursuant to Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Regulations,all visitors to Iran must obtain a visa from one of the Iranian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries eligible for visa on arrival. You can get your visa on arrival unless you are passport holders of these countries:

Colombia, Somalia, USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India.

The visa isissued for up to 30 days and extendable.It is highly recommended that passports have at least three months validity remaining after your intended date of departure from your travel destination.

Regarding to your nationality, you can submit your documents and obtain a visa after some days without any reference from Iran before you arrive in Iran, but it entails time, trouble, and extra expense.

So let us arrange your visa fruitfully. All you need is to proceed just 2 steps as follows:

Step 1. Receiving the Authorization Code:

You should fill out your application form, scan the first page of your passport and send them to us. Make sure that there is minimum validity of six months on your passport from the date of your entry into Iran. The application form must not show any crossing out. The formal application will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will go under the official procedure. If you’re approved, the MFA sends an authorization number to the Iranian consulate, which takes your application form. We will give you this authorization code with which you will be able to collect your visa. This code is only valid to the mentioned consulate and only for 3 months from the date of issue.

Step 2. Collecting the Visa from the Consulate

Having the reference code, you will refer to the consulate with your passport, the completed visa application form (which can be picked from the consulate or be downloaded from their website), 2 new passport size photos (with covered hair for ladies, at some consulates), the visa fee (which depends on your nationality) and the authorization reference code, (Always check the needed documents with the consulate, as there may be differences from one consulate to another.) You may also be able to send the documents and receive the visa by mail. Contact the consulate for more details. The procedure of submitting the documents and collecting the visa can be normally done in the same day.

Note: US, Britain and Canada passport holders are required to pre-arrange an escorted tour or private guide, or be sponsored by a friend or relative in Iran who will take legal responsibility for them.

Persianmoment specializes in visa application processing outsourced by the Embassies & Consulates. These services includes the whole process of collection of application & visa fee, scrutiny of documents, logistics of passports and visa applications, and etc.