North khorasan

North Khorasan Handmade Carpet Cluster

According to the results found by analyzing the value chain in the art of handmade carpet industry, and due to the missing link between processing and polishing the carpet, in December 2011, the first industrial cluster of handmade carpet of the country was formed in North Khorasan province.

In North Khorasan province, Turkmen has had a long history in weaving carpets, kilims and Turkmen cushions, and this tradition is passed down from preceding generations. In addition, many Kurds and Kurmanji living in North Khorasan province have long been known for producing and weaving Turkmen carpets. Therefore, these factors affect the carpets production in North Khorasan province and make it unique and innovative.


  1. Carpets and rugs (Nain and Tabriz design)
  2. Klim
  3. Jajim
  4. Turkmen rugs and cushions (silk, etc.)
  5. Kurdish rugs and gabbehs

The main hand woven productions in the province are rugs and carpets (mainly Nain and Tabriz design), which are produced based on previous orders. Then all kinds of Turkmen and Kurdish rugs, Turkmen cushions, kilims, Jajims are ranked respectively.

The Turkmen carpets in large sizes (over 100 sqm) have been done in recent years. The major designs of Turkmen carpets and rugs are woven from memory and Kurdish tablecloths and rugs are originated from the mental designs too which are inspired by Tabriz and Nain designs.