Kerman and Ravar Handmade Carpet Cluster

Kerman province is one of the talented provinces in carpet production. The international and delicate motifs of “Kerman carpets” make these carpets popular and long lasting.

The history of Kerman Carpet weaving refers to some centuries ago and before the Safavid era. Actually, the period after the Industrial revolution in Europe has been in sync with one of the most prosperous periods of Kerman carpets.

What makes Kerman carpets well known is the delicate motifs widely designed in whole part of the carpets and create “Persian gardens” full of leaves, flowers and trees.

There are currently over 50000 weavers and 30 main producers working in this province who have mostly inherited the tradition from their ancestors.

In 2015, under supervision of “Iranian small industries and Industrial parks organization, the “Handmade carpet cluster of Kerman” has been launched aiming to link to the dynamic global market and meet the demands of international customers.

This cluster’s shareholders include carpet producers, raw material suppliers, dyers, designers, cleaners, and exporters as well as related governmental organizations and supportive institutions.