Carpets and rugs relief cluster of Ilam province


In Ilam Province, carpet and kilim production has long been a prominent role among the people. Nowadays, more than 14,000 people, mostly women, are involved in the artistic activities specially carpet weaving. These carpets were woven in various cities such as Ilam, Darreh Shahr, Eyvan and Badreh.

On average, over seven thousand square meters of carpets and about three thousand square meters of rugs relief are produced in Ilam annually, more than 90% of which are exported to different countries including Germany, the US and Persian Gulf countries.

The colors and designs of Ilam’s carpets and rugs relief have been originated from the culture, customs, traditions and beliefs of the people in this region.

The carpets produced in the province mostly are woven in Corner and Medallion, Shah Abbasi, European Flower, Panel, Vase, Atlasi (Petunia), Arabesque (Eslimi) and Mostowfi (Interconnected) are well known in the world. The weaving style of Ilami’s carpets are very similar to the pieces made in Qom, but the texture of Ilami’s carpets is often more highly qualified.

By launching the cluster development projects, appropriate measures have been taken as follows:

  • Improving product quality and standardization;
  • Branding;
  • Fulfilling the needs of the other related industries including traditional dyeing, polishing and so on;
  • Establishing the traditional, modern and customized design units;
  • Producing ergonomic looms specified for disabled and normal people;
  • Establishing the technological units in the Technology Park;
  • Establishing carpet weaving training for men;
  • Vocational training and job organizing for the low income people, refugees and women headed households;
  • And so many other measures in the field of informal networks.

These measures leads the production improving the quality with this vision statement: “a pioneer in the production of handmade carpet and rugs relief under the reliable brand name and competitive prices in all markets across the country, and also active in the international markets in 2018.”

Category: Handmade carpets (silk, silk flowers, silk warp, soft wool, and wool), pictorial carpet, rugs relief (kilim carpet), tableau Kilim and common kilims in different sizes.