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Iran is always known for its fabulous and wonderful Persian carpets and rugs. Nomadic and rural women play an important role in the design, choice of colors and weaving traditional carpets. They also represent their nomadic life in the carpet and rug designs and motifs. The nomads cut wool, dye with natural colors, weave carpets and rugs, milk, extract oil, make yogurt, read Shahnameh, welcome guests, respect the traditions and customs, spin goat hair, and get rest in black tents made by that hair.

In the tribe, peace comes first; it is fantastic to visit the black tents of nomads, the people have been accustomed to live with nature. Despite the rush of urban life, nomads continue to live traditionally and maintain their authenticity.

Eating local bread and yogurt, staying and relaxing in nomadic black tent on the red handmade carpet along the newborn lamb are the memorable experiences that the tourists can have.

In Persian tours, you cannot stop looking at the carpets, as the colorful woven jewelry, you enjoy the traditional and folk music and discover ancient Persian mysteries. We can make you sure that staying with tribes and learning their lives, culture and customs is pleasant and delightful.

In the dark, nomads light a fire and the nice smell of burning firewood goes everywhere. You can experience one of the most memorable moments in your trip by enjoying charcoal tea and listening to the flute. This type of living and moving attracts many tourists and Eco tourists all over the world and make them travel far away to visit Iran.

Since nomadic life disappeared todays in many countries, Iran is one of the few countries in the world where there is still nomadic tribes. Experiencing nomad tours and learning how the nomads provide them with the necessities of life, including carpet, is unique and memorable. Along with nomads and women weavers, you can cut the wool, spin thread, dye and also knot a carpet on a loom. During these days, you surely enjoy unrepeatable experiences.