• Day 1 – Tehran
  • Visit Carpet Museum of Iran as an exhibition of a variety of Persian carpets and kilims from all over Iran, dating from the 18th century up to the present. Get amazed at the eye-catching precious collection of carpets of Iranian 3500 years old.

ساختمان موزه فرش-min          داخل موزه فرش تهران-min


  • Day 2 – Shiraz
  • Fly to Shiraz in the morning. Visit one of the first and most wonderful Gabbeh weaving workshops in Shiraz before check-in. You get enchanted with the Persian Gabbeh designing and dyeing. After the hotel check-in head to the Zand complex including the castle, gardens and mosque to get a sense of Shiraz as a capital 250 years ago and also Shiraz carpet museum with the 300-year-old carpets.

میری-min            ذوالانواری-min

مسجد وکیل1-min   مسجد وکیل 2-min     ارگ 1-min

  • Day 3 – Shiraz
  • Drive to Kahkaran as a virgin and amazing village in Shesh Pir Rural District (if the weather is hot). /Firoozabad (in the weather is cold). You will stay overnight in the black tents of the nomad as a unique and pure experience.

رقص عشایر 6-min  خانه روستایی-min  عشایر و لباس محلی-min

  • Day 4 – Shiraz
  • You will get acquainted with the people weaving and spinning thread and you have ample time to wander round the rural context of the village. Taste Iranian food at the cooking class hosted by a local family.

نان پزی-min        نخ تابی 9-min

  • Day 5 – shiraz / Isfahan
  • Drive to Persepolis. On your drive, spend most of your time in the ancient Achaemenid gem of Persepolis and Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and unearth the ruins of Persepolis as a world heritage. You will surely admire the glory of this monumental architecture and find everywhere the most profound historical sight. Drive to Isfahan.

_SC00099-min      0IMG_8903-min      0IMG_8843-min

  • Day 6 – Isfahan
  • Get acquainted with the historic Royal square of Isfahan registered as a world heritage. Visit picturesque Royal mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah mosque and Aliqapoo palace. Ponder on the breathtaking Armenian Vank church In Isfahan and marvel around Isfahan Armenian quarter, Jolfa. Stroll aside Isfahan river and admire the masters who built several bridges over it through the history.

وانک 1-min         نقش جهان-min

  • Day 7 – Tehran
  • Fly to Tehran. Free afternoon in Tehran.
  • Day 8 – Tehran
  • Visit Golestan complex and its tiled and mirrored palaces and enjoy its fresh gardens.

Golestan_Mirror_Hall-min           کاخ گلستان-min